sábado, 5 de marzo de 2011


Esto es un experimento ,he descubierto la chorradica esta de la estadísticas y voy a ver si entra gente de otros países poniéndolo en ingles .La traducción la he hecho con el google ,lo mismo es un desastre ...bueno y pongo un dibujo aunque me hago trampas.

How to get the sadness in 14 steps.

1 In the morning kept a stubborn silence, do not say good morning to those around you. Do not shower, or arrange. Put the first thing that caught. Just enough so you do not stop the police for indecent exposure. You have to feel as build up your anger, your busy routine way.

2 At work, do not stop for a moment. You have to be tense as a bowstring about to shoot and do not forget this, it is important, breathing, always very fast, which is great for everything.

3 Forget about the other colors, there is only black. And all your clothes is always the same. It would be nice to buy several suits of the same model for all the days of the week, but would be best that you only buy one, no you take it off even to sleep. With this, you will make people happy around you. Viva monotony and odor.

4 Eat lots of fast food, exercise and do not sleep enough, and you will live fewer years and bad. Practice them.

5 cries and cries and cries. Train and practice the art of bawling.'ll See things differently and your life will change color.

6 Choose drama and violence series or movies . Against your spirit and your health worse.

7 It is hard on yourself, are neglected and hate yourself. You are good for nothing, you're less important in your life. Try by all means others will pass all the time.

8 When something or someone to help you or do you try to please, do not analyze anything and least understand why in this situation. It is clear that he wants something from you, most likely your money, because surely there is nothing more interesting in you . This thought will help you become less tolerant and feel worse.

9 Hate your family and friends, life ... but deeply, fully. But your hatred is sad, intense, terrible. Come to the culture of suffering and go without thinking twice about the culture of happiness.

10 Learn to experience and fully conscious experience, your moments of hatred. You will be amazed to discover how they grow, and multiply


11're young or old, you forget all projects. Do not make any plans for the future. Total you can die at any time.

12 Do not learn anything new. Do not study or read. Everything around you is dull and drab gray and does not work for nothing. You feel empty, but that is perfect for that to be filled with all the shit that others have.

13 Do not defend yourself, because no matter what you do, you'll never be free. If anything, defend your right to hate everything that surrounds it.

14 Follow what is marked on your life and do not think that you will endure. You're gonna die and everything is just there. Forget you till the one you love .

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